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Meer weer in Fethiye

Flat For Land - Turquoise Coast Holidays

Fethiye, Seydikemer, Ovacik, Hisaronu, Gocek, Dalaman, Sarigerme, Dalyan, Antalya, Kas, Kalkan and the surrounding areas… 

What is Flat for land?

Suppose you own a piece of land in Turkey. You would like to build an apartment or house on it, but do not have the means or possibilities to do so. Then the possibility of Flat for land is a godsend. A number of apartments or houses are built on the plot by a construction company and the ownership will be divided between you and the construction company in a predetermined percentage. You therefore have one or more houses, all with opening your wallet.

How does this work in practice?​

The team of Turquoise Coast Holidays guides you step-by-step through the entire process. 

You tell us where and what size your plot is. Together we will discuss your wishes and we will contact interested and verified construction companies. The ownership percentage for you and the construction company depends on the location and house prices in the area concerned.

For example: You own 1000 m2 of land with a building permit of 25%. This means that 250 m2 may be built on. The number of floors that a building may consist of differs per location. For this example we will assume a building license for 3 floors. In consultation with the construction company you opt for apartments of 90 m2. This would result in 3 apartments per floor, plus hall etc. In total there will then be 9 apartments. You have agreed in advance that the ownership will be 70/30 (70% for the contractor and 30% for you). This means that you have become the owner of 2.7 apartments without any hassle. Then we will consult with the contractor about the one apartment you share . You can choose to buy this 30% at cost, so that you have 3 apartments, or sell your 70% of the apartment to the contractor, so you have 2 apartments. The plot around the building will be divided according to the same principle.



It is clear that this is a very attractive way to make your investment profitable. But also a process that must be followed very closely. Turquoise Coast Holidays is the right partner for you. We work with carefully selected contractors and ensure that every step in the process is contractually recorded in the right way. A translator will be present at all contract negotiations to ensure that you receive the correct and complete information. We guide the process from start to finish and will keep you informed of every progress. Our goal is that you get the most out of your investment!


Would you like to know more about this appealing way of investing? We are happy to inform you further. Contact us or visit us in our office.