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Meer weer in Fethiye

TURQUOISE COAST HOLIDAYS organises tours and excursions in the following places and areas; the ancient city of Ephesus, Pamukkale, Fethiye, Calis, Hisaronu, Oludeniz, Saklikent, Dalyan Caunos, Sarigerme, Dalaman, Marmaris Icmeler, Kas, Kalkan, Patara Beach…

Dalyan - Mud Bath - Turtle Beach Tour

This is another excursion we organise for groups of all ages, consisting of a bit coach journey but mainly a boat trip through the river delta. The road journey takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes ( 70 km ) to get to Dalyan by A.C. coach,  for the rest of the day we use river boats. These boats are designed for the Dalyan river, delta and Logger Head Turtles that are under protection of UNESCO. When we arrive in Dalyan, we start with visiting the Lycian Rock Tombs, Caunos which date from 400 B.C. After information and photo break on board we sail to the second longest beach of Turkey, Turtle Beach. Turtle Beach welcomes millions od tourists every year with it's sandy beach and amazing natural beauty. Beside tourists, Turtle Beach in Dalyan welcomes lots of Logger Heat Turtles and Caretta Caretta Turtes to lay their eggs. You can chill out on the beach and enjoy the view of the natural beauty. Than we move to the lakeside restaurant for an open buffet lunch, which will be cooked and served to you in a relaxing lake atmosphere. After the lunch break we take a short boat trip to our last stop, the sulpher mud baths. You can cover yourself from head to toe in therapeutic mud pools. Believe or not, but some says sulphur mud baths in Dalyan make you 10 years younger ! We say good bye to Dalyan, Caunos, the river and turtles and start our return journey. As a little extra, if you and your party want to visit and maybe support the Turtle Rehabilitation Centre, please let us know. We will make a short visit to the base to support this organization. Turtle Rehabilitation Centre consists of pools, rescued turtles, eggs and more. After taking the information from the professionals we carry on our route. A day filled with magical hightlights that will stay in your memory for many years…
£ 11,-



Fethiye Tlos - Saklikent Gorge Tour

Travel for about 1 hour through the unspoilt Turkish countryside. You can see the Real Turkey, the village life and the people hard at work in the fields before we arrive at our first stop Tlos, which is one of the oldest settlements of the 72 ancient Lycian cities. We will have a walk around the ruins and also visit the Rock Tombs, Agora, Gymnasium, Theatre and Roman baths. After information and photo break we move to Yakapark with a 30 minutes drive. Yakapark is a natural park surrounded by huge trees and pools. Here you can visit trout farms, natural water, gardens and enjoy an open buffet lunch. You can also taste some traditional pancakes and ‘ Tickle The Fishes’ on our intersting bar, or instead you can try the cool water pool for a free bottle of beer. Our next and last stop is Saklikent Canyon ( The Hidden Gorge ). The gorge is formed by the melting snow and it is known as the second largest gorge of Europe. You can walk into the canyon or you can enjoy the beauty and take amazing pictures of the gorge on the wooden lodges.
£ 11,-


Pamukkale - Hierapolis Tour (1 Day)

After you are picked up we drive through the real Turkey and you will see the Turkish village life and enjoy a nice breakfast on the way to Pamukkale (Cotton Castle). The journey will take approx 3 hours by A.C. coaches. We arrive at Hierapolis and Pamukkale before noon and start with the ancient Roman city Hierapolis which was established as a cure centre. The second stop is Pamukkale. This is the famous naturel phenomenon of Turkey. Just imagine a hill which became completely white with minerals from water. It looks as if it’s made out of snow or clouds or balls of cotton with its natural pools. In your free time during the day you can also visit the Hierapolis museum or swim in Cleopatra’s pool of Thermal water , surrounded by Roman ruins. At the end of the day on the way back we will stop at an onyx factory and handcraft centre for a tea break and a demonstration.
£ 22,-


Marmaris Market - Icmeler Tour

After a 2 hours drive we arrive to the holiday resort Marmaris,  which is full of life 24/7. In this resort your guide will give you a meeting time and a meeting point so you can visit the shops, markets and bazaar by yourself or, if you like, you can enjoy the sandy beach under the golden sun. If you like to see Icmeler just let your guide know. Once everybody is back at the meeting point, we return to your resort.
£ 15,-


Fethiye Market - Kayakoy (Ghost Town) Tour

Having a strange day out on your holiday in Fethiye. Different kinds of Turkish spices, delights, fake clothes, bags, sun glasses, fresh fruits, vegetables and more. The market is visitied by locals all year. A great day out for the whole family or member of your party. We start by visiting the market where you can shop indepentedly on your own in the time that your guides will give you. After everybody is back at the meeting point at the given time,  we move to Kaya Koy ( Ghost Town ). The ancient Greek village with it's all churchs, schools and history has been empty since the population exchange in the 1920’s. You will have a chance to visit every single house and street of this 300 years old village and then we start our return journey to your resort... A different day in Fethiye with different sides.
£ 10,-


Ephesus - Pamukkale Tour (2 Days 1 Night )

After an early pick up and an approximately 1.5 hours drive we stop for breakfast. During the journey we will have tea breaks as well. When we arrive to Ephesus you will start to explore the ancient city, the greatest open air museum in Turkey. Beside the strategic importance this is the place where Virgin Mary has spent her last days in peace. She might have come here together with St. John who lived around this area for several years. You can visit Mary’s house by taxi on request through our tour guide. Ephesus consists of the Celcius Library, Marble Avenue, the largest theatre in Turkey ( 25.000 seat capacity) which is stil used for concerts and the site of the temple of Artemis which was one of the 7wonders of the world. We will spend the night in a 4* hotel in Pamukkale after an open buffet dinner. The second day starts with breakfast at the hotel and we continue our trip to the Roman city Hierrepolis. Here you can explore the ruins of the citybaths, tombs and Amphiteatre. Then we move to Pamukkale (Cotton Castle), the famous natural beauty where you can see its snow white terraces and pools with thermal water. On the way back we stop at an onyx factory and handcraft centre for a tea break and demonstration.
 £ 45,-


Kas - Kalkan - Kaputas Beach Tour

After a drive of about 1 hour and 30 minutes  we arrive in Kas, a quiet marina town where the remains of the ancient town of Antiphellos, including a large sarcophagus on the main street and many rock tombs cut into the cliffs overlooking the town. Here we spend about 3 hours, for a stroll and our lunch. Our next stop, the nearby Kalkan, where we stop for about 1 hour and 30 minutes, is a charming little port town overlooking a bay of sparkling sea. Its cobbled streets are lined with old buildings, decorated with vivid flowers and elegant restaurants, street cafe’s and knick-knack shops. Kaputas Beach is a gorgeus place to swim and relax on the golden sand at the end of the day. The beach allows you to take unforgetable pictures of the view.
£ 25,-


Kayakoy (Ghost Town) - Oludeniz Tour

Fethiye (Telmessos) is one of the most popular touristic places in Turkey. Not only Fethiye but also Oludeniz (Blue Lagoon) and Kayakoy (Ghost Town) are important locations in the Fethiye region. Toursits who choose Fethiye for their holiday want to see these attractive places as well. Options to visit these places are by local bus or taxies which takes too much time or too much money. To avoid this we present our Kayakoy - Oludeniz Tour which includes short journeys by bus, and more time for the attractions and trekking if you like. Our tour starts at your accommodation after your breakfast. Our first destination after a 20 minutes along the city and the harbour, are the King Amyntas Rock Tombs. The tombs are located on a strategic hill near Fethiye Castle with the best view over Fethiye. All rock tombs date back to the Lycian period, to the 4'th century. Each of them has writings about the owner and their history and ofcourse the biggest tomb belongs to King Amynthas. After we finish our visit tot he tombs we start a 20 minutes journey to Kayakoy which was known as Levissi or Karmylassos in ancient times. During our journey through green pine forests, the panoramic view of the authentic Greek Village meets us. The village was established at the beginning of the 18th century and during Ottoman times its population ran in to the 3000s. As a result of the  popuplation exchange in the 1920’s the ancient Greek village became a Ghost Town. In your free time you can visit a big church, small church, school and houses. We then carry on to Oludeniz. In about 20 minutes we reach Oludeniz where you will be met by the Tandem Paragliders in the sky. This resort is very popular with its golden, sandy beach and turquoise waters but beside this it is one of the best places for paragliders. The 6.600 ft (1965m) Babadag  Mountain is located in here and it is parallel to the sea so you can catch the best termal wind. In your free time you can try Tandem Paragliding, water sports or you can enjoy the sea, sun and sand. After we meet at the given time at the meeting point we start our return journey which takes about 35 minutes...
£ 15,-


Myra, St. Nicholas Church, Kekova Sunken city Tour

This day out had early departure. After aproximately hour and 30 minutes we stop for our breakfast in the highlands of the Fethiye area. During the journey we will have tea breaks as well. When we arrive in Myra our tour starts with exploring the ancient city which is located at Demre, between Cirali and Kas. Impressive rock cut tombs, a rock street and an amphi theatre can be seen in Myra. You will have the opportunity to see them all in this ancient Lycian city. Also very close to the Lycian rock tombs we will visit St. Nicholas Church ( Aziz Nikolas Kilisesi ). St. Nicholas, who was born in Patara, is known for his miracles and kindness. He is known as Father Christmas as well. After information and photo breaks we move to Demre for a boat trip in the crystal clear Mediterranian waters. We set off from Demre hourbour and visit Kekova Island, and the Sunken city with the remains of the ancient city Simena. This city was ravaged by earthquakes about 2000 years ago. Houses, rock tombs and more all sunken. If we are lucky and the water is calm we can have a short swimming break at Kekova. After information and photo break we will leave this 2000 years old historical ancient city. At the end of the day you will have unforgetable memories about Myra, Demre, St. Nicholas and the open air - aqua museum Kekova. We finish our boat trip in Demre and start journey back to Fethiye...
£ 40,-


Fethiye to Rhodes Ferry Tours

This trip to Rhodes from Fethiye is a chance to move from one country and culture to another within a day’s visit by Catamaran or Hydrofoil. Spend time visiting the fascinating Rhodes Castle, Museum and The Old City. See the many colourful shops and bazaars, shops for handycrafts and enjoy local traditional food. You have opportunity to travel  one way ticket from Fethiye to Rhodes or Rhodes to Fethiye as well...
£ 45,-


Fethiye Village Tour

Are you getting bored with doing same tours, trips along the same route ? Do you love Turkey and want to see the real Turkey with the delicious tastes of tradition ? We have the answer for you. Our Village Tour... After pick up from your hotel, villa or apartment we start our 45 minute journey by A.C. vehicle. We know that the best start of the day is having a good breakfast, that's why we start our tour in a traditional Turkısh restaurant with a real Turkish Village Breakfast... Butter to jams, olives to breads, eggs to vegetables, all organic and home made. After this delicious unlimited village breakfast we move to our second destination, Incirkoy village. Incirkoy is one of the oldest Turkısh inhabited villages in the area. Its name comes from the fig trees in the area. After a little trekking in the quiet streets along old Ottoman style houses we start the 15 minute journey to Uzumlu Village ( Yeşilüzümlü ). These two villages are located side by side and both of them are old and peacefull. Uzumlu gets the name from grapes. The cultural old inhabited village Uzumlu is popular by its handycrafts (Dastar) and home made wines from the special grapes of rich soil. We will have the oportunity to visit some of these during the free time in the centre of Uzumlu. After the visits to these old villages of Fethiye, we move to our last stop Cadianda, the ancient city empire. The ancient city Cadianda  (spelled Kada-wanti in the Lycian Language) is located 915 m above Fethiye sea level and 400 m above Uzumlu village on a strategic hill for defence and control. The city foundations go back to the 3rd millenium B.C.. However the ruins still visible today date to 5th century B.C. . The city walls surrouding Cadianda, rock-cut tombs and some inscriptions are the only remains dating to earlier periods. A Helenistic amphi theatre, a bath, a race track (Stadium), an agora (Shopping centre), and numerous civil buildings mark Cadianda as a full city. With the panoramic view of Xanthos valley and Fethiye we will start to discover the ancient city empire of Cadianda. Our day finishes with the coolness and silence of Cadianda in the afternoon. We start our return journey after photo breaks.
£ 25,-


Kas to Meis (Greek) Island Ferry Tours

An opportunity to visit the closest Greek Island to Turkey, located 3,5 nautical miles off the coast of Kas. After a short crossing by Express Boat from Kas you arrive to Meis Island( Kastellorizo). Here you will be free to enjoy the delights of this guaint Greek fishing village, including the local museum, church and mosque or even join a 45 minute boat trip for an extra 10.00 Euros per person to visit the Blue Cave and have a swim. Wander around the white washed backstreets before enjoying a Greek lunch in the harbour and maybe stroll around the local boutique shops, there even is a Duty Free Shop. Our tour starts with a 2 hours journey from your resort to Kas. After the  passport controls we take our seats on the Express Boat. The Kas to Meis Express Boat leaves at about 10:00 am from Kas Harbour and gets to Meis Island in 30 minutes time. We will have free time on Meis Island to wonder around old fishing Greek village between 10:30 am till 15:30 ( 3:30 pm).   Our meeting time is 16:00 ( 4:00 pm ) at Meis Harbour for our return journey back to Kas. After passport controls the Express Boat sets off at about 17:30 ( 5:30 pm ) to arrive in the harbour of Kas at 18:0 ( 6:00 pm ). From Kas we will have 2 hour journey back and we finish our tour at 20:00 ( 8:00 pm ) at your resort...
£ 35,-