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Meer weer in Fethiye

Fethiye 12 islands boat trip

Discover peaceful islands by boat from the bay of Fethiye with our 12 islands boat trips. A lazy day led by experienced staff to the beautiful islands of the Mediterranean. We start with Flat Island, with its dark blue and shallow waters. Then on to Dockyard Island, the island used as a shipyard with its flat water, which, as it reaches the island, looks more like a lake. Here you can also visit ruins from the Greek and Ottoman times. During our stop at Göcek island with its turquoise clear water your BBQ lunch is freshly cooked and served on board. The next stop is also very nice, Cavy Bay. A fantastic place with the pure water and calm sea that charms everyone. Along the coast there is a small cave in the rocks and a staircase leading to the cave; the curious thing is that both are naturally created. The last stop of the day is the Red Island, where clear water laps over the red soil. These are only a few of the possible stops ... During the day the route can change, this depends on the captain and the crowds around the islands. At each stop we spend 30 minutes to 1 hour. If you wish, you can enjoy the sun on the upper deck with sun beds, or you can enjoy the view from the shade. Dressing cabins, toilets and life jackets are present on board.
£ 9,-



Oludeniz 6 islands Boat trip ​

A relaxing boat trip in the epitome of beauty, the bay of Oludeniz, where you can work on your sun-tan, or discover the beauties of nature. The 6 islands boat trip from Oludeniz consists of six stops, starting with a visit to the blue cave where you can swim into the huge cave. The next stop is Butterfly Valley, for a climb to the waterfall at the end of the valley and spotting Tiger butterflies which can only be found here. Or enjoy the view on the beach and relax in the turquoise water. Your BBQ lunch is freshly prepared and served on board at Aquarium Bay, followed by a visit to the sunken city of St. Nicholas Island. The next stop is the cold water source bay, where ice-cold spring water flows into the sea, after which Camel Island announces the end of the day ... At each stop we stay 30 minutes to one hour. If you wish, you can enjoy the sun on the upper deck with sun beds, or you can enjoy the view from the shade. Dressing cabins, toilets and life jackets are present on board.
£ 10,-



Fethiye 12 islands sailing trip​

A sailing trip to the bays and islands around Fethiye. We visit the places in a different route, so they will not be too busy. The boat leaves from the harbour of Fethiye. Max 45 people on board, no loud music, open lunch buffet. You have plenty of time to swim, snorkel, and get a nice tan. Samanlik Bay, Turunc Bay, Tarzan Bay, Aquarium bay, Flat island, and Red island are some of the possibilities, we stop at 4 of them during the day. A chance to visit some more bays and inlets... All you have to do is sit back and relax in the silence of nature... A wonderful day out for everyone ... This day you will enjoy the quiet islands and bays and you can experience the adventure of sailing. We sail as much as possible during the day. Our well-equipped sailing boat, equipped according to the European standard, offers you a less wavy day. We are happy to welcome you aboard for the most memorable boat trip of your holiday.
£ 13,-


Fethiye - Oludeniz private boat trip and rent​

Only you and your group will discover the secret islands and secluded coves with our private boat tour or private boat rental. You have the chance to relax, swim in the turquoise water and sunbathe on board. A delicious open buffet meal with mezes and BBQ will be prepared by our friendly crew. Also very suitable for parties, and special routes or a romantic boat trip are possible with entertainment and live music available, both during the day and in the evening from Fethiye or Oludeniz. Highly recommended for groups and families.



Fethiye - Oludeniz Sunset Cruise​

The sun sets and it is time to enjoy the coolness of the evening and the spectacular sunset from the boat with a Sunset Cruise from Fethiye or Oludeniz. Relax on deck and watch the sparkling lights of Fethiye and Oludeniz ... A nice BBQ dinner with live music on the quiet water. Take beautiful pictures for unforgettable memories with your family, friends or partner...
£ 12,-



Fethiye blue bays boat trip​

This is the tour that is different from the standard boat trips. Another route, stops and style. A beautiful boat with max 25 to 40 people, where never loud music is played and which is also not crowded... The boat departs from the port of Fethiye at about 10:30 a.m. During the day the boat visits the clean, quiet turquoise bays of the Gulf of Fethiy. Turunc Bay and Samanlik Bay, Bedri Rahmi Bay, Aquarium Bay and Tarzan Bay are just a few of our stops. All you have to do is just enjoy the Mediterranean bays. There is plenty of opportunity to swim, snorkel and work on your beautiful summer tan. An open BBQ lunch buffet is also served on board. A relaxing trip for everyone to various bays with the blue bays boat trip from Fethiye.
£ 12,-



Alternative Oludeniz boat trip​

If you do not want to do one of the standard boat trips in the area, we have an alternative for you. A new trip from Fethiye to Oludeniz, 4 stops, a sailboat and limited occupation ... The boat departs from Fethiye harbor at 10.30 a.m. in the direction of the Gulf of Fethiye with a new route that starts with a beautiful view of Fethiye. The Butterfly Valley, Blue Cave, St. Nicholas Island and Aquarium Bay are some of the stops. You have plenty of time to swim, snorkel, and sunbathe. An open buffet BBQ lunch is included in the price, this will be served on board by the friendly crew. We end the day at about 18:00 p.m. back in the harbour of Fethiye...
£ 14,-



Göcek market boat trip​

A boat trip only on Sundays, especially for a visit to Göcek and the Göcek market. Göcek is a small town on the other side of Fethiye and in Turkey known for its popular marinas and the natural harbour. The Göcek market boat trip departs every Sunday at 10.30 from the harbour of Fethiye. This relaxed boat trip to the harbour of Göcek takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes. In Göcek you have 3 hours free time to discover for example the marina, the turquoise coast line or the first class restaurants. You can also visit the Sunday market with its fresh vegetables, fruit, clothing and crafts. A full day trip to this beautiful place with its yachts, cozy center and the market. And what do you think of swimming in the crystal clear water? On the way back to Fethiye the captain stops in a blue-green bay for a swim break. A relaxing, peaceful day out with the Göcek, Sunday market boat trip from Fethiye.
£ 11,-



Pirate Ship - Black Pearl boat trip Oludeniz​

Get ready to experience the PirateShip boat trip in Oludeniz. Discover Oludeniz, the Butterfly Valley and more with the Pirates of Oludeniz. The best day out for groups of all ages, a relaxing boat trip in the magnificent beauty of the Ölüdeniz bays, where you can enjoy the sun on your skin and the beautiful nature. Oludeniz Pirates Boat trip consists of six stops, The Blue Cave, Butterfly Valley, St. Nicholas Island, Coldwater Bay, Aquarium Bay and Camel Island are the places we visit on our route. Everyone has the greatest fun on the slide of the pirate ship Dragon, and that certainly applies to our younger guests. Each stop will last about 60 minutes, during which you can swim to cool down. You can also choose to take a walk on the islands where we moore. A BBQ lunch will be freshly prepared and served on board by the crew. You can enjoy the sun and the view from the second and third floor of the pirate ship or you can take a seat in the shade on the first floor. A memorable day of your holiday with the pirate ship boat trip from Oludeniz.
£ 15,-