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Meer weer in Fethiye

Plastic surgery in Istanbul Turkey
Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery

Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery offers services for the treatment of aesthetic, shape and functional disorders that are both congenital or developed later on in life.

Specialized plastic surgeons; Aesthetic deficiencies such as facial distortions, cleft lip and palate in infants, malformations of the jaw and facial bones, aesthetic operations of the breasts, as well as malformations of genitals.


Some of the applications of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery are,



Nasal aesthetic operations (nose correction)
One of the most determining factors for the face shape is the nose. Occasionally, large, broad or curved nose shapes can cause aesthetic problems in individuals and have a negative effect on self-confidence and social life. Aesthetic operations to change the shape of the nose are called rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty can be performed by two different methods known as open and closed techniques. The method to be used is determined by the doctor, taking into consideration the appearance of the person. These operations are also performed under local or general anesthesia according to the wishes of the patient. Sometimes a nose correction can provide a solution to a problem, such as septal abnormality, in which the bent nose bone makes impedes breathing or makes it difficult to beath, and concha hypertrophy, in which intranasal tissues swell due to nasal allergy-like causes. Rhinoplasty surgery usually takes a few hours. Post-operative tampons are removed within a few days and a week of rest is sufficient for the patient before returning to his or her daily life. After the operation, the swelling will decrease completely and the nose will be fully settled after a few months.


Breast aesthetic operations (reduction, enlargement and lifts)
Breast shape and size affect women's daily lives. Aesthetic breast surgery can be subdivided into three sections, namely breast augmentation, reduction and lift. Too large breasts can cause aesthetic problems, as well as posture disorders and back pain. Suspended breasts can disrupt aesthetics and adversely affect the psyche. Breast augmentation, one of the most commonly used aesthetic procedures, is used with internal fluid-filled breast forms. The most preferred of these prostheses are silicone-based. These operations are sometimes performed in cases where both breasts are small and sometimes they are used to provide symmetry between two breasts and other body shapes. Breast reduction surgery improves the appearance of large breasts, but also posture disorders, back pain, or headache. They are not only aesthetic but also ensure a more comfortable life. Breast lift operations can be performed both alone and with other breast operations. Breasts that sag, for example as a result of weight loss or breastfeeding, are restored to their former shape by breast lift surgery.


Fat removal operations (liposuction)
Fat surpluses, seen in different parts of the body, can cause aesthetic and mental problems. This excess fat can be removed from the body through liposuction. Liposuction is used in the form of sucking away the fatty tissues that are liquefied in various ways by means of cannulas. Liposuction is not a debilitating method. It is important that the person has the ideal weight before the operation.


Abdominal wall corrections
Abdominal tissue can stretch and sag after pregnancy, also as a result of rapid weight loss after excessive weight gain. Even if the person is at his or her ideal weight, these surpluses can cause aesthetic discomfort. Because removing these surpluses gives a more aesthetic and healthy appearance of the abdomen, these operations are called abdominal wall corrections (abdominoplasty). Abdominal muscle exercises do not help to reduce this. That is why it is important that people have the ideal weight before this operation.



Eyelid surgery (eyelid correction)
Eyelids are very important in terms of aesthetics of the face. Problems with the eyelids (sagging, wrinkles, swelling, etc.) have a negative influence on the aesthetics of the eyes. Wrinkles, skin sagging and fat deposits in the upper eyelid, which are generally seen with aging, create aesthetic problems, while the lower eyelid is usually characterized by swelling under the eyes and wrinkles. the removal of various aesthetic problems, sometimes due to age and sometimes due to genetic traits, in the lower and upper eyelids is possible with eyelid surgery (eyelid correction).


Eyebrow lift
One of the biggest eye-catchers in the face is the eyebrows. Drooping eyebrows can occur naturally or by ageing, making the person look tired and old. These problems can be solved by an eyebrow-lifting operation. During this operation the general shape of the eyebrow is corrected and the wrinkles in the middle and the surrounding muscles are removed. Eyebrow lift operations can sometimes be combined with eyelid and face lift operations to give the person a younger and more aesthetic appearance. 


Face Lift operations
As a result of ageing, the facial tissue sinks in a downward motion. This sagging is one of the most striking features of ageing. It is possible to restore the face shape and make the person look more youthful with face lift operations. In short, a facelift consists of correcting facial tissue by removing excess skin. Face lift operations are sometimes accompanied by eyebrow lift and eyelid surgery. In this way the person gets a more youthful appearance.



Fat injections
To give a more complete appearance to certain parts of the body and face, injecting fat from different parts of the own body, especially the abdomen, is called fat injections. Fat injections are most commonly applied in the face. The main reasons for this are fuller lips, removal of wrinkles, filling of the chin or cheeks. In addition to facial treatments, for example, fat injections can give the breasts and buttocks a more aesthetic and fuller appearance.



 Oor esthetiek operaties: 
De oren, die complementair zijn aan de esthetiek van het gezicht, zijn belangrijk voor het uiterlijk. Een afwijkend uiterlijk van het oor, bijvoorbeeld veroorzaakt door insufficiëntie van de oorplooien of groter dan normaal oorkraakbeen, veroorzaakt esthetische problemen en beïnvloedt het leven van personen nadelig. Ooresthetische operaties kunnen het uitelijk van het oor gemakkelijk aanpassen en de persoon er beter uit laten zien. Ooroperaties kunnen, in tegenstelling tot de meeste cosmetische ingrepen, al op jonge leeftijd worden uitgevoerd.



 Kaak- en jukbeenbotoperaties: 
Kaak- en jukbeenoperaties behoren tegenwoordig tot de meest populaire esthetische operaties. Mollige en prominente jukbeenderen en kaakpunten geven mensen scherpere en meer esthetische gezichtscontouren, waardoor de persoon er jonger en aantrekkelijker uitziet. Verschillende methoden worden gebruikt om kaak- en jukbeenderen te identificeren. Dit zijn meestal chirurgisch geplaatste gezichtsprothesen en implantaten, vetinjecties vanuit verschillende delen van het lichaam, tijdelijke vullingen en lifting methoden. De keuze van de meest geschikte methode voor de persoon wordt bepaald door de arts, afhankelijk van de behoeften.


 Been esthetiek operaties: 
Slanke en mooie benen zijn al sinds de oudheid een belangrijk onderdeel van schoonheidsdefinities. Verlies van esthetisch uiterlijk als gevolg van uitzakken van de benen, oneffenheden, vervormingen, enz. creëert een gevoel van negativiteit voor mensen. Eliminatie van deze gevoelsmatige tekortkomingen is mogelijk met esthetische behandelingen van de benen. Vetinjecties, dij-beenoperaties, knie-esthetische operaties en het plaatsen van protheses in dunne benen worden gezien als beenesthetische behandelingen.


For more information you can visit us in our office, and of course you can reach us by telephone or e-mail...