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Meer weer in Fethiye

Fethiye and surroundings

Ölüdeniz, Çalis Strand, Kidrak Plaji, Kayaköy, Saklikent, Paspatur, Fethiye Plajlari, 12 eilanden, Fethiye, Yaka Köyü, Tlos, Pinara, Xanthos, Letoon, Patara Historic city and beach, Cadianda, Oinoanda, Araksa, Sidyma…

Lycia, called the land of lights in the Antique period, is located on the Teke peninsula between Fethiye and Antalya. Lycians, renowned for their special language, matriarchal life-style, rock monuments, tombs and addiction to freedom and independence, have been recorded in history as defenders of the Anatolian Union against Egyptians at Kadesh and against Akhas at Troy. Fethiye was called Telmessos during the Lycian period. Written records state that the city was named after Telmessos, the son of God Apollon. From the 5th Century B.C., throughout its existence, it fell under the domination of the Persians, Romans and Byzanthians, it succeeded maintaining its original status. The most splendid work of art from the Antique Telmessos, still standing in Fethiye, is the rock tomb constructed in the manner of an Ionian temple in honour of Amintas, son of Hermapias, in the 4th Century B.C. Famous traveller Charles Texier arrived here in the 1850s and carved his name on the entrance to the tomb which is still discernible today. The sarcophagi, which are representative of the elite mastery of the Lycian art and stonework, enhance the attraction of the city. Especially those standing in the courtyard of the Governor's Headquarters, at the Necropolis and opposite the quay are noteworthy. Telmessos Theatre was re-built in Roman style during the 2nd Century on the remains of the Hellenistic one which was demolished by earthquakes. It was planned to seat around 6.000 people. Excavations have been finished  and restotation of the theatrehas been carried out by the Fethiye Archaeological Museum. Citadel is by the necropolis and was built on a hill overlooking the city during the 11th Century. Endeavours are under way by the Fethiye Municipality for the restoration of this building. Fethiye Archaeological Museum has exhibitions valuable works of art from the early Lycian, Persian, Hellenistic, Roman and Bizantion periods. The museum is open for visitors every day...


Fethiye, Places to See

Ölüdeniz Beach - Blue Lagoon

Oludeniz with its sheltered, calm waters and the adjoining Belcegiz Beach combine the white foams of the Mediterranean with the greenery of the pine trees. World-renowned Oludeniz Kumburnu National Park and the Belceğiz Beach is at a distance of 15 km. from the Fethiye city centre and are located at the skirts of Babadağ which deserves the right of being a "world heritage" with its rich flora and suitability for paragliding. The Belcegiz Beach offers you facilities for benefiting from the sea, sand and the sun, as well as enjoying all kinds of water sports...

Calis Beach 

The long Calis Beach is mostly sandy and with round pebbles. The sea breeze allows you to have sun bath without getting hot even on the hottest summer days. There are lots of bars and restaurants for all kind of tastes at Calis Promenade.The sunset at Calis Beach is one of the must-sees. Calis Beach also a favorite wind surf area. You can take lessons from experienced teachers at the surf club...


Kidrak Beach 

Kidrak Beach is in the Kidrak Nature Park, on the Oludeniz- Faralya road, 3 km.s away from Belcekiz Beach. It is ideal for swimming with pine trees, soft and white sandy beach and crystal water. Generally it is less crowded than Oludeniz Beach. It is possible to have picnic in the park and there is a snack bar for food and beverage needs. There is WC and shower...



The Kaya Village is significant as an area of settlement dating back to the time of antique Karmylassos where various cultures blended, lived together and migrated. On the slopes there are stone houses built in typical Mediterranean architectural style, not overshadowing one another, as well as churches, schools, chapels, workshops and other buildings, and narrow streets crossing each other, looking almost like an architectural laboratory...


The Saklıkent Canyon is a unique natural wonder at a distance of 50 km. from Fethiye. The canyon is 200 metres deep and 18 km. long, shaped up by waters flowing down from the mountains for thousands of years, abrading the rocks. As the water level rises during winter, visitors can get into the canyon only during summer months. If taking photographs is among your hobbies, you can catch magnificent scenes of unspoiled panorama which exists in and around Saklıkent...



Paspatur, where is one of the oldest settlements in Fethiye is charactarised with wooden orieled houses and visiting point of thousands of tourists with shopping oportunuties, bars and restaurants. There is a famous myth that the person whoever drinks water of Paspatur can not leave Fethiye...


Fethiye Beaches

you can discover other beautiful sports around Ölüdeniz by participating in daily boat tours departing from the beach and, with a mini blue voyage, can witness how the deep blue of the Mediterranean turn into the green of the Taurus mountains along the coastline. The fact that the temperature of the sea at Ölüdeniz Lagoon is never below 19 degrees and the average temperature in the region is around 12 degrees day and night in winter time is a reason for you to prefer spending your winter holiday also at Ölüdeniz...

12 Islands 

The 12 islands lined waet and north west of Gulf of Fethiye are amoung most popular boat tour routes. Generally the boats are anchored ar Gobun (Magarali) Bay, Cleopatra Bath, Tersana Island, Yassicalar and Kizilada. You may take this tur with one ouf the boats at Municipality Marina or you may have a private boat tour...


Yaka Village 

Yaka Village is one of the popular stops of Saklikent tours with its natural beauties, ancient city Tlos and famous restaurants settled on cold spring  water flowing through centenarian plane trees...


What to do in and around Fethiye...

Fethiye dozens effectiveness of a unique city it possible for people with all kinds of interests and tastes. Some of the things you might not want to go without it for you, we've compiled for you according to your interests. Paragliging, Diving, Jeep Safaries, Water Sports, Blue Cruise, Lycian Way, Daily Boat Trips, Rafting, Tours, Excursions… For further information please click on the following links…

Jeep & other safaries    Tours and Excursions        Halal Tours     Boat Trips    Activities  

Ancient Cities at Fethiye and Surrounding Area


Tlos is at a distance of 28 km. to the city centre. It is a sports centre of the Lycian Federation. 4 historical generations can be observed here which presents the continuity of Anatolian life with relevant proofs. It appears in the famous legend of Bellephorontes and the winged-horse Pegasus. The Bloody Ali Aga Palace, the stadium, the gymnasium, Palaestra, the bath, the theatre, the necropolis with the tomb of Bellephorontes are among the works which have reached our day...



Pinara is at a distance of 34 km. to the city centre, near the Minare Village. It contains the best sample of Lycian tombs built as pigeon holes on the slopes of the mountains. It is famous for the heart-shaped temple dedicated to Goddess Aphrodite, where beauty contests were held during the Antique period. It is a city worth a visit with its theatre, Odeon and numerous rock tombs, still standing.



Xsantos is the administrative centre of the Lycian Federation. Located at a distance of 60 km. from Fethiye, it is within the boundaries of the Kınık Village. Its foundation dates back to 1200 B.C. Mass suicides were committed in this prominent city for the sake of freedom and independence. At present the Acropolis from the Lycian period, the theatre from the Roman times, a church from the period of Christianity and the remains of the gate from the Hellenistic period can be observed. The "Nereid Monument", carried away in 1838, and other major Lycian works of art are exhibited at the British Museum in London...



Letoon is at a distance of 55 km. from Fethiye, within the boundaries of the Kumluova Settlement. It is the religious centre of the Lycians where the legend of Goddess Leto giving birth to Artemis and Apollon takes place, with three temples dedicated to them. The archaeological excavations continuing since 1962 have proven that the history of the city dates back to the 8th Century B.C. The theatre from the Hellenistic period is still standing...


Patara Ancient City and Patara Beach

Patara is the birthplace of Lycian God Apollon and Saint Nikolaus, the symbol of humanism known as Santa Claus, and is a Lycian harbour. It is the longest beach in our country with sands extending along 18 km...



Cadianda is in the proximity of the Üzümlü District at a distance of 20 km. to Fethiye. Excavation work has been carried out by the Fethiye Archaeological Museum, and the principal remains are of the sports complex, the theatre, monumental tomb and the agora...



Oinoanda is located near the İncealiler Village, at a distance of 88 km. from Fethiyer. It is a prominent antique city where there are about three hundred tablets written by Dioghenes, one of the philosophers of the Antique period.



Araxa is at a distance of 40 km. to the city centre, within the boundaries of the Ören Village. City walls from the Byzanthian period, the bath, the aqua duct, amphitheatre and the rock tombs from the Lycian times are discernible. Ören is worth a visit with its magnificent canyon, natural panorama, trout pools and countryside restaurants...



Sidyma located near the Dodurga Village, at a distance of 55 km. from Fethiye. It is one of the prominent Lycian cities founded on the slopes of the Taurus mountains. There are a small theatre, water cisterns, a temple, the ruins of a bath, and a magnificent sarcophagus.