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For smart investments and unforgettable holidays in Turkey
Turquoise Coast Holidays

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Meer weer in Fethiye

After years of experience in the tourism, service and real estate sector in Turquoise Coast Turkey, during which period we experienced both the strengths and the weaknesses in this sector, we founded Turquoise Coast Holidays. Following our past experiences, we collected a professional operational team around us, with the aim of getting tourists, investors and potential home owners acquainted with all the beautiful aspects the magnificent Turquoise Coast of Turkey has to offer. In order to be able to provide superior service, we work with the most stable companies in the tourism market.

Our goal is to be the best in tourism and to monitor the image that we have the market. To achieve this goal, it is our duty to take control and be unique in the tourism market on the Turquoise Coast of Turkey. To be able to provide unlimited service, we will make the necessary investments. We will be sincere in all our relationships. We will make every effort to assure mutual profit, by taking our responsibility, and always acting with good intentions and behavior. We will always take responsibility for the people and for future generations.

Our mission at Turquoise Coast Holidays is to create a trademark in the tourism sector, which emphasizes the importance of quality, and which proofs that the service offered to customers should be nothing other than of the highest quality.

Our vision is to serve the interests of our customers by ensuring the quality of service and leadership.

In the future we will make the necessary investments, without compromises to quality, to take our responsibility towards the people and future generations.

Real Estate; if you are planning to invest in real estate, holiday homes, or your retirement, Turkey is the best market for you now.  You will profit from your investment in Turkey with Turquoise Coast Holidays, as we work with the best construction companies in Turquoise Coast Turkey, which have many years of experience in building hotels, villa’s, apartments, holiday homes, and holiday resorts. We have villas, apartments, new projects, re-sale homes, and plots for sale at the beautiful Turquoise Coast Turkey.

Resort Holidays; we present hotels, holiday villages, villas, apartments, campings, yachting holidays, which are available in Turquoise Coast Turkey, to our guests who come to Turkey from different countries. We offer all local services, guidance services, day tour organizations and transfers.

Group travels; we provide detailed arrangements in this area where thousands of years of Anatolian history can be found.

Rentals; we offer apartments, villas, car and yacht rental for special and commercial purposes in Turquoise Coast Turkey. 

Business travel; we present the necessary accommodation and transport for business trips to local and foreign companies in the area.

Finally, to preserve our place in the world tourism market in Turkey, we will continue to invest in the quality of our services.

Quality is indispensable.

Yours Faithfully,

Ahmet Memis
General Manager